Tips to Check Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance Online

Summary: Every time you check vanilla visa gift card balance online make sure you are using safe and reliable devices and connections. Simple precautions prevent many problems.

Vanilla visa gift card is a one of the most popular prepaid cards for anyone looking to give a gift. If you have received this gift card and want to know the balance that is available on your card, there are many ways. Sure, you can be a philistine and call up the card company customer care on phone to check your balance. The catch is that dialing the card number on IVR and then waiting to be connected to someone who can read out your balance is just too time consuming and creates unwanted complications.

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This is the age of internet. The best way is check vanilla visa gift card balance online. You can register your card on the website of card provider and them login to the website to see how much balance is available and if any transactions have taken place. Just be careful about somethings when you check the balance over the internet.

First and foremost, see if your gift card company provides an app to check balance. Apps downloaded from iOS App Store or Google Play Store undergo rigorous security testing and are very safe.  Further they are very easy to use. You have to enroll the card in the app only once and then you can check balance anytime and anywhere.

One more important thing is to make sure that you only use the device you own, regardless it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Using a public computer is inviting hackers to steal your card information.

Another thing is when you are using a web browser to check balance, make sure that the connection is an https connection. This can be confirmed by looking for a lock icon near the URL of card website. The icon must be in a locked condition to ensure that you have a secure encrypted connection to the server.

Always make sure that you never save your login id and password in the browser. They can be hacked and misused by high tech hackers and thieves. Once you are done with all the steps to check vanilla visa gift card balance online, make sure you clear all cookies in browser and close the browser completely.

In some cases, the card company may also allow you to check the card balance by sending an email to customer care. This may not be as fast as checking on the website, but it is easily the safest way because you are not sharing any card details with anyone except your card number. In some cases, the entire process is automated, and no person ever gets to read your card info.

All in all, basic care while checking card balance online will save you a lot if headache and heartache.