Specialist of using Flame Moss

Fire Moss is originally from Asia and gets its name from the type of its growth, which is upright with a light environment-friendly glow giving the impact of a flame. T looks best when you bind the moss to tree roots or driftwood in tiny lots. It has a sluggish growth rate and a height of 1-4 inches with low lighting and also co2 need. Fairly new to aquarium plants Have 3 10 gallon freshwater tanks and also they all have Bulb Species growing in them.  Lately decided intended to add some Java Moss to my container to provide it some more online plants so went to my LFS but they had Flame Moss. Understand nothing concerning it truly. It can be found in these little zip lock bags without water. Can somebody aid me with how to plant these and also what are the most effective water conditions for it to grow.

Java Moss

Likewise, do run the risk off bringing anything like snails or various other points like that by placing a brand-new plant in my container have never had a trouble with the due to the fact that they begin as dry bulbs. Thanks ahead of time for any assistance.  have quite a bit of Java moss in my container and it is growing well. At first got a tiny pack like yours in your photos. Try and soak the moss in a level dish with aquarium water for a couple of days and choose any type of snails you see.  Made the blunder of refraining this and also obtained literally gotten into with snails that have aquarzon.com/10-moss actually not managed to get rid of to date over 2500 snails eliminated from container within duration of 6 months.

Tied little sets of moss to the locations desired it to expand, utilizing very visible string that I eventually removed when the moss settled. This took about 2 months. Did include phosphate plant foods to the water, after that I minimized the dose when discovered that the phosphate level was running high. My water problems are stable, with a PH that runs 7.00 and 7.25 the modification originates from me not running the air pump during the day as the containers is planted and does not call for extra oxygen throughout the day. Various other parameters are 0, 0, and 5. The water temp is 25.5 degrees Celsius.  Vacuum the bottom as soon as every two – three weeks altering 25percent of the water. Regarding lights is worried; utilize LED illumination with different plant lights and white light. The plant light gets on three hours in the early morning and also 5 hours in the mid-day.cut the moss as soon as a month with a pair of scissors, giving it the desired form.